Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

Discover the 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Love Yourself...


WHEN YOU MAKE THE CHOICE to disregard your emotions, you disconnect from your body. Your mind then plays tricks on itself, causing you to self sabotage, doubt yourself and worry constantly, which makes you feel anxious and fearful. It also pulls your soul away energetically from your physical body. Making it much harder to love yourself.


To distract yourself you take on so many responsibilities that there’s no time to look

after you. Your mind runs at a million miles an hour and it feels like your body is being dragged around behind it. You strive for perfectionism and are your own worst enemy when it comes to feeling not enough.

You’re also a people pleaser. You know it doesn’t have be this way, but you don’t know

how to (or are afraid of) change. Just know that this is NOT your fault — you feel this way by design. And only you have the power to transform your heart to self love. Having stood in your shoes, which included decades of self loathing, when I began to not only think but also FEEL love for myself, EVERYTHING in my world changed... for the better! And yours can too!


You simply need to start seeing, accepting and embracing your ‘imperfections’ as

perfect so that your body is a vibrational match with your soul. As well as providing scientifi c evidence and techniques that will allow you to experience energetic shifts that will leave you feeling more confi dent and vitalised, Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets You Need

To Know To Love Yourself  offers steps that will give you permission to relight your self love fire.

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