Your Children Will NEVER Forgive You (even if they haven’t been born yet)

Fear and anger are all the rage (pun intended).

Have you felt them lately?

In 2014, Facebook — which has been deleting, shadowbanning and censoring pages and profiles (including mine in recent weeks) of those it deems ‘violates community guidelines’ and other such brules (bullshit rules) while pedophilia, violence and supremacists posts remain even after being reported — conducted an ‘emotional contagion experiment’.

“So, what’s emotional contagion?” I hear you ask.

Emotional contagion has been defined as ‘the ability to influence the emotions and behaviours of others, either directly or indirectly’. In the case of Farcebook (and Twitter and every other Big Data social media platform) manipulating its users’ news feeds for its own agenda, it has been acting as Big Brother influencing the emotions of users causing high arousal and perpetuating the anger, rage and fear we’ve seen over and over again especially in recent months. If you still watch the Tell-lie-Vision and lamestream media, it has been impossible to escape the 24-hour ‘reports’ of rising death rates, escalating unemployment, shootings, lynchings, rioting and looting, and impending financial and food crises.

How is all this armageddon-we’re-all-going-to-die scenario going to help us? It’s not. That’s the whole point. To keep you stuck in fear in your head and not feel into the feels of what you’ve been running away from.

How anyone can still beLIEve that our governments are run by lovely people who have our best interests at heart is beyond me.

How anyone can still beLIEve that the ‘royal’ families are full of cuddly people that are better than us because of tradition is beyond me.

How anyone can still beLIEve that the majority of shite sold on supermarket shelves is good for you is beyond me.

How anyone can still beLIEve that breathing in your own carbon dioxide is going to save you from killing someone else's granny is beyond me.

How anyone can still beLIEve that the media doesn’t lie to you after hacking dead teenagers' phones, the Hillsborough disaster, the Levinson enquiry, BBC/Saville pedophilia, human trafficking (I could go on) is beyond me.

How anyone can still beLIEve KillBill Gates is a nerdy geek who couldn’t even keep viruses out of his operating system, isn’t a doctor, and has killed and maimed millions of Indian and African children through his ‘philanthropy’ will somehow save us all with a never-been-tested-eugenics-on-steroids vaxeen is beyond me.

But there is good news...

The LIEs that you believe are what you think in your head.

The TRUTH is what you FEEL in your heart — you've just got to get your head out of your way and FEEL into it. Your heart KNOWs the truth. Your brain just thinks it does — but it only beLIEves what the abovementioned psychopaths and sociopaths (yeah, I said it because it needs to be said) tell it.

They have infiltrated our minds with their nefarious agendas, but they CANNOT touch our hearts (which is why they instil fear into our brains — to control and feed off us energetically),

Therefore, YOU MUST FEEL love for yourself first. Then nurture it in your children (who already love themselves… check them out checking themselves out in a mirror if you don’t think so).

This is the 🔑 and the solution. 💖

Your children will N-E-V-E-R forgive you for making them live in the AI dystopia that’s coming if you don’t. #facts

Are you with me? Let me know in the comments.



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