WWYSD? (What Would Your Soul Do?)

There was a time only a few years ago, when I lived 100% in my head.

This was the time that I ignored all the energetic rushes I felt in my body (well, they were just 'hot flashes' because of my perimenopause). This was the time I ignored all the synchronicities I couldn't explain (well, they were just coincidences, weren't they?). This was the time I ignored all the feelings in my gut that told me not to do or act on certain things (because the programming of my ego brain ALWAYS had a reasonable explanation as to why I shouldn't trust it — hint: that's its job!).

What did all that ignoring get me? A whole buttload of trouble, that's what!

I had forgotten in all my years of conditioned and programmed seriousness in my head (which I now know contributed in causing my decades of depression and physical pain and dis-ease) that I loved to sing, dance, draw and paint and sometimes colour in.

That I loved to tell and laugh at silly jokes, or even just laugh and laugh and laugh. That I loved to lie on cushy grass in the sun, play with puppies. That I loved visiting bookshops and browsing for hours on end. That I loved stationery and collecting notebooks and writing in them.

That I loved to eat pizza, ride a bike, take long baths, learn something new every day, ride rollercoasters, meet and have great conversations with new people. That I loved to hug.

If these past few months have taught us anything, it's that we need to tap into what our souls want us to do.

So what has my soul have me do over the last few weeks? I've started colour in again for the first time in half a century (one of my latest artistic endeavours can be seen above 🤗). I've made blueberry pancakes with maple syrup for dinner because I could (all organic ingredients, of course 😉). I've watch youtube videos of babies eating lemons for the first time, because they're freaking hilarious. I’ve blasted Duran Duran (and INXS) and sang at the top of my voice and danced like a lunatic because it felt good.

If we continue to be conditioned by those who are only serving themselves, it will make it much more difficult to heal the wounds of the traumatised children within us so that we can free up energy on a cellular level to co-create a future that will serve us all.

And one easy way to get the energy moving within you for the purpose of co-creation is to live more from your heart and soul. That's where the fun lies. And if there is anything we all need more of right now is to have a buttload of fun.

So give yourself permission... WWYSD?

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