YOU Are The Solution

Hiding your BEIng — your freaky soul’s essence and truth — behind the curtain of the old-world patriarchal wizard only feeds the illusion of the imagined reward at the end of the yellow brick road. 


But the illusion doesn’t show what YOU have to offer! 

It’s like giving away your power to an abusive relationship in the hope that things will get better. They won’t.


Recently, you have probably been dipping in and out of feelings of fear, shame, shock, guilt, grief, painful agonising depression and even anger and rage. And that’s because the hue-man collective is in deep denial.


Denial that the world will somehow magically go back to ‘normal’.

But ‘normal’ was the problem in the first place.

And it's the system that was broken — NOT YOU!

The idea of who we THOUGHT we were has been turned completely on its head. There is SO MUCH more to life than you have been told.


Just like there is SO MUCH more to you than you have been told.


We have literally entered the ‘Collective Dark Night of the Soul’ that our souls came here to experience. And like ALL dark night of the souls, it’s NOT going to be pretty... it is up to us to break through the dark hidden shadows to unveil the light.

Which I KNOW can feel overwhelmingAF!


So it’s OK to NOT feel OK.


What’s not OK is to ignore the deception of the dark

🚫 because it hides your soul’s ESSENCE

🚫 because it silences your TRUTH

🚫 because it denies you of your DIVINITY

Hiding your BEing, your truth, your soul’s true essence behind the veil only feeds the existential dread in your head that tells you to be realistic, rather than trusting what your soul really wants.

This illusion keeps you in a loop of feeling anxiety, panic, fear and and destabilising overwhelm — the energy of the old-world patriarchal control paradigm used to manipulate you. Which, let's face it, was a broken system pretty much out of control with its emphasis on debt and materialism, climate crisis, rising crime and mass attacks, rampant inequality, sexism and racism.


The bullshit story that told you that you will NEVER be good enough. 


The bullshit story that energetically kept you small on a CELLULAR level. 

The bullshit story that convinced you that you were your pain. 


The bullshit story that hypnotised you into believing your fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) was real and you are here to suffer. 


The bullshit story that made you disconnect from yourself so much that you lost your sense of self worth.

✨✨✨ SiSTAR…

✨✨✨ YOU deserve SO MUCH BETTER!

✨✨✨ YOU are a unique and creative expression of The Divine!

✨✨✨ YOU are a fucking SOVEREIGN BEing who came to live through LOVE!

✨✨✨ YOU are here to fully see and accept yourself and give your heart the permission it’s waiting for to open and heal! 💖


When you allow your physical body to open up on a CELLULAR level to self acceptance and LOVE, you give the Universe the space it needs to let all of your DIVINE ENERGY flow through effortlessly.




LOVE YOURSELF BACK UP to where you reBIRTH from this global EMERGENCEy with the inner peace and reJOYcing needed to rise above the chaos.

To stand in YOUR truth, have your VOICE be heard and PLAY your part in forging the path for the next generation and BEyond.



🦄✨ What if you could LET GO of your repressed anxiety for good? 

🦄✨ What if you could stay tuned into WHO YOU ARE and tune out everything you are not?

🦄✨ What if you had LOVING SUPPORT through this ever-changing period of certainty — and beyond?

🦄✨ What if there were a SAFE SPACE for you to come out of hiding and reclaim your DIVINE POWER?

🦄✨ What if by RECLAIMING YOUR SOVEREIGNTY, you will play a much bigger part in healing the world — and not have to do it alone?

🦄✨ What if your could transmute your triggers into energetic fuel that will GIVE YOU COURAGE no matter what’s going on around you? (And yes, that includes pandemics!)

I'm so excited to invite you to the Quantum Renaissance Collective before I close the door to new members to gather for at least the next six months..



Because together we can play our part by coCREATING a portal to raise the vibration of hue-manity and I can guarantee you will FEEL self love and reCREATE, reBIRTH and reJOYce in the unique expression of The Divine YOU that you came here to BE. 

Your soul wants to PLAY, it’s your hue-man that gets in the way. 

So let’s PLAY! 💖💖💖

Invitation to join the Quantum Renaissance Collective

Switch on your inTUITION to reCONNECT yourself to LOVE, joy and abunDANCE

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£39 per month

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1 x LIVE weekly group Q&A/meditations
2 x monthly wisdom circles
Weekly email journal prompts
Oracle card readings
Guest interviews with thought leaders and changemakers
Intuitive guidance and other energy activations
... and much more!


Flower Member

£369 per year

Benefits include:

Everything in the monthly Seed Membership, but at a 10% discounted rate for signing up for a full year.


— 1 x 45-min 1-2-1 session with Theresa to be taken at any time during your membership

— 10% off future retreat packages

— Private Telegram group

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