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Quantum Mutha T

Theresa Fowler began her SHEro’s journey in the US in the 1960s as the first child of a mother who didn’t love herself and, therefore, didn’t know how to love.


This meant the young empath not only lacked a sense of worthiness, but also spent most of her life people pleasing (men especially) in order to feel accepted, including marrying a narcissist she knew she shouldn’t have just because he asked her to, and putting in more hours than her colleagues to ‘prove’ to them that she was capable of her job during her 25-year career in the male-dominated industry of journalism in London, UK. 


The result of which ended for her in depression, obesity, type 2 diabetes, alcoholism and burnout for the 2nd time coming up to her 40th birthday, when knew she had no other choice but to turn her life around or face a deteriorating life in pain. This took years because of a limiting belief that she had to do everything on her own.


During that time Theresa had started her own business as a therapist, personal trainer and weight loss coach, but held herself back in the belief that she had to have ‘all her shit together’ in order to be good enough to teach. She also lacked clarity in her purpose and value after losing 100lbs, regaining her health back and writing and self-publishing two books in the process, including Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Love Yourself.


After hitting rock bottom following an acrimonious divorce, losing her home and most of her possessions, Theresa took the courageous step to move to The Netherlands to start over, only having a basic grasp of the language. Thus she began four years of self discovery that gave her the confidence to connect with like-minded souls that helped her to start seeing her own light. It was there that she also started to FEEL self love and her wise woman oracle archetype began to reveal itself.


After becoming a poster girl for Neal’s Yard Remedies #agewellrevolution campaign in 2018, which put wise women over 40 in the spotlight, Theresa spent two years travelling SE Asia as an #over50glomad. She remains deeply connected to the other heart-centred souls she met on her travels, who are ALL on a mission to share their divine gifts with the world and make it a better place for all.


Theresa’s main purpose is to teach millennial women how to FEEL self love so that they serve themselves first, heal the relationships they have with their bodies and create from a space of unapologetic worthiness and self trust, and then pass this deep wisdom on through birthing the next generation.

“Self love gives our physical and emotional bodies the permission to seek joy in reinventing ourselves and innerstanding our soul’s truth...

Our souls want to play, but it’s our hue-mans that get in the way”

Quantum Mutha T

Speaking at Health & Lifestyle Fest at Vision Villa Resort, Bali in December 2019

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