I love supporting millennial women in interrupting the subconscious patterns in their heads that keep them from connecting to their souls and living from their hearts

Your Soul Came Here To Play

So Come Play With Me — Quantum Mutha T

Your soul knew you were coming here for this exact moment. And it came here to express love, creation, joy and play... something many find difficult — especially since life as we knew it changed course.

Thinking your way out of this mess won't work though, because your soul doesn't think. IT FEELS — through PLAY.

And it's through play that you can completely uncover what it is that you came here for!!!.

Re-CREATE the thought patterns holding you back

Re-BIRTH the divine light within you

Re-JOYce in who it is YOU REALLY ARE

Who Needs Soul Play?

Do you procrastinate doing what you really want to do, because you're afraid or think it isn't good enough?

Do you look up to others or put them on a pedestal and think they know/are better than you?

Do you worry that you've wasted time, energy and money trying to figure out your soul's purpose and are frustrated because you think you haven't found it yet?

If you said yes to any of the above, it’s time to accept that the paradigm is shifting and we have entered a New Era on Mother Gaia, which is focused on the energies of the heart, not the destructive limiting slave codes that our minds were programmed with. It’s time to integrate what your soul came here for..

You are the SOULution..

About Me

Since I was a child, I faced many crises with my identity, wanting to belong but aways feeling that I didn't ‘fit in’. The pressure of people pleasing eventually led to decades of physical and mental health issues like obesity, depression and burnout (twice!). The only thing that kept me alive was my ability to have fun.

Now after 12 years of committing to my personal growth by leaving the rat race, losing 100lbs, embarking on a spiritual journey and writing books, I've found my place with those of like hearts and minds who accept me without compromise — because I made the choice to accept and love myself first.

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Loving Yourself Is A Gift

Discover the reasons why self love can be so hard to find in my book Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Love Yourself — and give yourself the permission you need to reignite the self love you were born with.

Let’s Talk About It

Who would you be without the emotional addictions of anxiety, fear, shame, lack of confidence, low self worth and fear of rejection... which all exist in your head? Let's jump on a 20-minute complimentary virtual call and find out by talking to your heart.

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"Playing with you, having you hold space while I spin my gurgle — and then be gently redirected back to my centre is a gift... it's magic!

You do it all the time... and I'm really grateful!"

Asha Gill

speaker, writer, life coach, hypnotherapist, broadcaster

"I've had the pleasure of working with Theresa in both a personal and professional capacity. I've always valued her intuitive insight, empathy and solution-focused mindset. Her warm, fun demeanor makes her a delight to work with, and her passion for helping others and shifting perspective is admirable. She’s a changemaker, creating impact in the lives of others."

Jacqueline Cripps

author, speaker, coach

"Theresa is a beautifully gifted woman with the ability to see in shadows. Her ability to hold space, especially as an online presence, is impressive. Her energetic body therapy works wonders and her soft and gentle persistence made incredible shifts in me. I highly recommend working with her."

Christy Renee Stehle

author and coach

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I LOVE YOU, Quantum Mutha T 💖💖💖

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